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A Teacher, Old Friend, a Rescue Worker, Charity, Soldier or Stranger?

People come and go in a lifetime, often never knowing the lasting positive influence they've had on another.  No matter where on Earth they roam, nor how much time has passed, the people who've helped us and shaped us deserve to know how; they deserve a heartfelt "Thank you."  Gratitude affirms life.  Express yours at ThankingOfYou.com.                             "Gratitude is the most sustainable and renewable of all human resources." N. Firestone      


Thank you, God, for sticking with me . . . Click here for full story

  Mr. Sybil's faith in me instilled a confidence which I'd call upon for years . . . Written by ThankingOfYou founder for one of two teachers who inspired creation of the site, this exemplifies our mission. Click headline for story. 

"If you knew it would make a difference in their lives, would you take the time to thank the people who've made a difference in yours?"

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"Now, not knowing how to contact them can't stop me from thanking them. Thanks, ThankingOfYou!" ~Jen V., U.S.A. 

"Absolutely the world's most meaningful gratitude list!"  ~Jason M., Canada


Thanking of You Story Headlines

Thank You, GodFather’s Day Memories from Doris BakerCreating our Book of Love & Memories for Dad - his 87th BirthdayThanking a great teacher
The BEST TeacherOn your birthdays...This is For YouThank you Father Tom
Thank You Dr. LauraE Bunny Rallies The Community To Donate Easter Baskets To Children In NeedTo Mary Taylor With Love and GratitudeThank You for Your In-Depth Insights
Love of my LifeThe amazing Life of Randy JamesRoadside AssistanceGrad-itude for Mom and Teachers
Grad-itude for T. Danny and Virginia Beach Friends SchoolGrad-itude to Patricia Wills for Recommending VB Friends SchoolGrad-itude for DadThank You to My Birth Mother
Grad-itude for Virginia Beach Friends School TeachersAmazing Grace in a Parking LotMy FriendsThanks for the Opportunity to Make Memories
Thanks to Access Partnership, I am blessed!This is the best care program!So much to be thankful for!Thank you for Access Partnership
This program is wonderful!This program has been a God send!Angel on EarthMr. Henderson: Best Sixth Grade Teacher Ever!
Dog rescued from the Humane Society - SaraChanging lives on student at a timeA Guardian AngelA teacher who dared to say something daring
A World Class TeacherCHKD LoveDiabetes support!Making the little things special
Thank You, Mom and DadAn Apple a Day, but Still You're GoneSoldier Wants to Thank FamilyJust Saying Thanks
KAREN WAHLUnspoken Thanks for Hospice ProvidersThank you from Tidewater Arts OutreachBye Bye Glasses
Mr. Humphrey, Jr. HS English Teacher, Saves a LifeThanks for Pulling Us All to the Same PageCultivez Votre Propre JardinVideo: Thank You, Jesus, for a Second Chance at Living
Your Enthusiasm and Support Stays with Me Years LaterA former boss put the wind beneath my wingsThanking Virginia Beach Friends School for Another Year of Values-Rich GrowthThank You for Respecting and Encouraging My Voice
Thanks for Sharing Your Kind and Creative SpiritThank You for Your Spin on the Three RsVideo: Thanks for Sharing Your Positive MindsetVideo: Chesapeake Service Systems Thanking Supporters
Video: Thank You For Making a Huge Impact on My LifeThanks for the Friendship, Faith and GuidanceThis Guy Made a Huge Difference to my familyGenerous Composer Makes it Easy to Help Disabled Adults
Grateful for a Family whose Heart has Room for MoreYour Best Advice to MeThanks without you i wont be able to readThanking Tony Macrini at WNIS
Robert Coran Capshaw: Thanks for the Inspiration and Ongoing LessonsYour Every Word of Encouragement Echos Louder the More Cavernous the TerrainIn High School Your Kind Words Became a Life Raftthanks to a friend and a higher power
I Am ThankfulYour Generous Spirit and Heartfelt WordsA Journey of GratitudeThank You for the Thank You
StruggleBounceThank You to my HusbandTaking My Breath Away
Video: Thank You Marge MyersVideo: Thanking Former TeacherThank You for Your Unconditional LoveSincerely Grateful
The Strengh I NeededCTSTpoems10Encouragement Goes The Waythanking of you with gratitude
GratitudeForgivenessunity project,mens missionReconnection after 23 years
Best parents anyone could ever ask forGrateful for your FriendshipPaula Your Life Brought Light and Goodness to So ManyKeep Going
Cups of Thank YouThank you to upbeat job club to get me through the down job marketStephanie Gonzales MFT - Thank youYour sponsorship saved me
Dear Mr.PhillipsDear Mr.MorrsionThanks for reminding me of who I amThe Infinite Effects of Your Friendship
Mr. Phillips is officially the best substitute teacher everNational Day of WritingThanking Mr. Caraballo!National Day on Writing
Helping An Aspiring JournalistBest TeacherFor Speaking at KellamThanks
National Day of WritingNational Day on WritingThanks For The MemoryProject Lifesaver Success owed to these people
World's Best Father9/11 Never ForgetThanks for Your Straight Talk and InsightScholarship Means More Than Any of Us Knows Now
Nick... my best friend and inspirationLike an Extra Set of ParentsDearest GrandfatherYour Praise: My Valued Tools
One of a kind motherFirst StudentLending a HandMy first summer in US
Thank you friend for changing my attitude!My Best Friend for Life, LauraDenise I admire your strength!My Struggle, Your Compassion
Writing WisdomThank you LauranFrom Lisa KGoodbye for Now
Writing is an art formThanks Bethany!The most wonderful Mom in the WorldCantor Jennifer's Spirit Will Always be with Us
Lauran Straitthank you for putting up with meThe Single Most Motivating Force in Writing that I Know OfTHANKS FOR SHOWING AN OLD DOG THAT WRITING CAN BE A CRAFT
Thanks, Cousin, for Being Like a SisterThe best kind of friendTeacher BarbWE HAVE FORGOTTEN WHO SOME OF OUR HEROES ARE
Thank You, Teacher BarbYou Made a DifferenceFriends' teachersAn Amazing Teacher
Camp Silver Willowsthanks for the childhood memoriesGym teacher's lesson of a lifetimeMy Dream Job
Grandfather puts child on a path to his career.Small School, Big HeartsMeditation, the pen and the big ideaYou didn't see the vision but you believed in my ability to see it
More Than an InstructorYou are our rockTeacher went over and above callHad you not been approachable my child might have suffered in silence
In your eyes there wasn't anything I couldn't handleEditor followed her intuition and took a chance on me.A Great SoulCollege Football
Hospitality and Inspiration