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Thanking Of You

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Your sponsorship saved me
Posted: Nov-09-2009

John Parker - Virginia Beach Virginia United States

Religious/Spiritual Affiliation

Rare are the events in a person's life where they can definitively point to a time of restoration and renewal. Because of the generosity of John Parker, it is very easy for me. First, having the insight to see my spiritual journey and the struggles within, he was able to prescribe an experience of such profound spiritual enlightenment, that my walk with our Lord will never be the same. Yet it was not just spiritual help, for to have this experience requires someone to sponsor, pay for the experience and logistically gather materials for a successful experience. All this John lovingly did which enabled me to have as close to a heavenly experience as is possible on this earth. So to John Parker, my complete and unending gratitude, for your fellowship and service.

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