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Thanking Of You

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Thank you friend for changing my attitude!
Posted: Jun-27-2009

tkquestion - Bangalore India

Within the Workplace

Yahoo user tkquestion had replied to my question in Yahoo Answers platform. I would like to thank him(assuming the user is a he!) for changing my attitude in the workplace. His comment "You can't manage your own emotions" triggered something within me. Now whenever I've to deal with a rather annoying boss or colleage, I say to myself "Manage your emotion!". And it's helping me a lot, really.

Here was my question and the reply given by the user -

My question -
I'll be totally honest here. I'm bracing myself for swathing criticisms from anyone. Fate or otherwise, here I go(some MNC companies & others that I worked for in India) -
Feb 2004 - Joined Convergys
June 2004 - left heartbroken after a girl in my team refused my marriage proposal.
June 2005 - Joined Mphasis
Aug 2005 - left upset after supervisor rejected my leave application(shortage of staff etc.)
Sep 2005 - Joined ICICI Firstsource
Nov 2005 - left because I didn't know what I was doing! I was too scared to clarify anything about my work as trainer was impatient & rude.
Dec 2005 - Joined Infosys BPO.
Dec 2007 - Miracle! Worked for 2 years without much controversies. Left because I got an opportunity to work as trainer near my home.
Jan 2008 - Joined SB Global
April 2008 - left because supervisor too rude. Couldn't muster myself to confront him regarding this.
July 2008 - Joined Unisys
Nov 2008 - left because I couldn't tell my manger that I didn't want to relocate although I initially accepted the offer. Later I realised it was a wrong decision. By then, arrangements for my transfer to new location was done. I feared management's reaction to my last moment refusal & therefore left.
Jan 2009 - Joined HSBC
Mar 2009 - left because of rude supervisor(again!) Explained what happened thru a letter to my supervisor's boss a few weeks after resignation.
Mar 2009 - Joined 24/7 Customer
Apr 2009 - left because I was getting 6K lesser than my previous companies. I shouldn't have joined the company in the first place. I was desperate for a job, I guess.
Jun 2009 - Joined HP(still working. I'm happy with the work, pay & other aspects of the job. I pray that I don't leave for a long time to come!)

Sorry for this long story. I didn't join any of these companies with the intention to leave them soon after. I wonder if anyone of you have had similar career jumps & for what reasons. Thank you.

Reply by tkquestion -
What stands out about your resume is that with just a few exceptions, you left work places in as short as 2 months because someone else did or didn't do something.

If you want to have a successful carrier, you need to learn to manage your emotions in relations to others. First, romance and work does not mix. Second, your team members, coworkers, supervisors, and managers are NOT your friend. They are not required to be nice to you or agree with you. Your coworkers' job is to do their job. Your managers' job is to get the most performance out of you for the sake of the company. If you kept leaving your job because your boss is rude, you will have no place to go. Third, it takes average person about one year to get used to the job and another year to grow. If you kept leaving in few months, you actually would never know how good/bad you are in the position. You've never realized your full potential in any of the jobs. You've wasted every position you had!

You kept calling your departure as a result of "controversies," but it really isn't. It is your inability to work in corporate world because you can't manage your own emotions.

You asked what I thought. Here it is.

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