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Thanking Of You

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thanking of you with gratitude
Posted: Jun-17-2010

The word, "thanks" is used so often, it
Hardly seems
Appropriate to use it as a way of expressing gratitude.
No other word lets people
Know what you think of them
In earnest, while using such a general and vague term.
Nevertheless, with the need of a casual and non-sappy way to show
Gratitude, "thanks" was born.

Of course, it can vary in degrees, but just like how enough degrees of
Fahrenheit will equal that of Celsius, enough kind gestures go a long way.

You may think
Of thanking someone for something
Unexpected. but remember not to take for granted the people always in your

Without those who give anonymously our charities would be broke. so even
If you do not know their name, a
Thanks to those who
Helped is always in order.

Generosity and gratitude
Really go hand-in-hand. one leads to
Another, and
Together they
Inspire all the good in
The world.
|f everybody was a master of self-consciousness, and always
Understood how much they mean to us, then maybe we would not need to thank
During our life at all. but fact is that some people do not
Even know how appreciated they are, so it is those that we should thank too.

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