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Roadside Assistance
Posted: Jul-26-2012

T&M's Gas, Oil & Auto Repair - Sebeka Minnesota United States

Jul-2012 thru Jul-2012


On a Saturday afternoon my family and I were on the way to Itasca from Minneapolis for a weekend trip. More than halfway there we stopped at a Walmart supercenter to buy some food to eat on the road. When we got back to start our car, the car check engine light came on and we had no idea why. So we called our insurance company asking for nearby auto repair stores. We also went back in the store to ask for some help in finding an auto shop to check our car, but since it was a Saturday most of the shops were closed and our efforts were fruitless. So we were afraid to drive it without a proper checkup but we had to go somewhere. We tried to stay sanguine so we convinced ourselves that it was a small problem of the engine. So we decided to continue on our way up North, but the yellow warning light had us all on our nerves. After a while of driving everything was normal, no breakdown, no Hollywood explosion. Seeing we were low on gas so we stopped at a nearby gas station, they had a small garage and we saw someone fixing a red Toyota!! We were all like ‘thank the heavens’, so we asked the lady at the gas station and the guy working in the garage to see if he could check out our car and they did!! After a few seconds of which seemed like an eternity, he said with a smile, “It’s nothing bad, there is just a leak of fumes from a pipe somewhere connecting to the engine, but there is no problem and driving should be just fine”. We all thanked him and filled up our gas. We had to pay inside and we were expecting some sort of fee of some kind for the checkup but there wasn’t so we were back on our way to Itasca without a trace of worry. Everything was fine as the guy said and we had a good trip and got back home safely. After a few days our other car had the same problem which was weird, so we went to a local auto shop for a check, apparently it costs $95 for a simple checkup, crazy how much of a difference there is from a humble country gas station and a well known urban auto shop. We were all very thankful of the gas station so this was written for them, this is their site http://tandmsgasoilautorepair.com/. If you ever get the chance go and check them out.

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