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Thanking Of You

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Posted: Aug-28-2010

CTSTpoems10 - Brampton Canada

Sep-2009 thru Sep-2010


Nikita Arora, age 15

Tipping and toeing, here and there
Jumping as high as I could possibly dare
Prepare the sky for my heart’s fireworks
Flashing through the clouds, above the highest perks
Roaring with laughter in the rolling meadows
Face flushed with the colour of a budding red rose

Lush perfume of the long green grasses
The swishing of the wind in the emerald masses
Rushing fountains of angelic pureties
The divine snoring of nature’s deities

Birds chirping to the call of their mates
Sunrays seeping through the canopy of fate
Butterflies flapping through the seas of daisies
Swimming through endless pollinated mazes

The trees’ long limbs reaching into the sky
Never sore of stretching ever so high
A soft breeze caressing fair skin
Tossing wisps of hair towards a playful grin

Pupils darting hither thither
As velvet petals begin to shiver
On this beautiful brown earth
We leave each of these moments spent in blissful mirth

And then a ghost of memories swoops by
To collect these moments from where we lie
For a new chapter is beginning
The wheel of time is forwardly spinning

And now, with all of you,
I wish to create
New memories
New laughter
New tears
New excitement

A new year so beautiful that I forget how absolutely divine
How wonderfully and unbelievably benign
You made this past year, for me.
Thank you.

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