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Making the little things special
Posted: Oct-19-2011

Dad and Mom -

Dad and Mom, Over the years I have realized more and more, just how special you made my life growing up and even now. You both would take the little things in life and make them special. You showed us all sides of life, and made sure we would experience as many things as you could possibly supply. Both of you were very young parents, but somehow manage to do the right things to raise me to be all that I can be, to do my all, to never give up and always think of other people. One of my fondest memories with Mom is Saturday mornings. We would eat breakfast and Mom would talk on all different subjects. These conversations made me want to know more, and to love learning. Mom you gave me my love for the 1930's,40's,and 50's by telling stories of different stars, politicians,and events and what you thought of them. That led to wanting to know more about life during that time. You always, even back then, understood politics and the way things worked. I loved hearing about Jack Kennedy, Jackie, Richard Nixon, and politics in general and why different things happened, you were, and still are, a great story teller. You would talk about family, family I never had the chance to meet. That led to a love of wanting to know more about my family, and understand their lives. I loved the making of dough wreaths for the holidays. Or making Japanese food for dinner, but going all out where we had to sit on the floor to eat and wear kimonos. I could spend all day writing about the special things, making us Christmas outfits, and Dad's smoking jacket! The thought you and Dad both put in to our Christmas presents. You always knew exactly what I wanted whether I had asked for it or not! Giving me a horse for one Christmas was the best ever! But the Christmas I got an organ, a parakeet (I was mesmerized) the doll tables all set, and how Dad put together 4 10 speed bikes in one night for us, were just as exciting! The big surprise that 10 speed Christmas was all the things you gave me that year, was more than enough, and then you later surprised all of us with brand new bikes on top of it!!! Dad you have given me some of the best wisdom for life, even if I did not appreciate at the time! Later on in life I started hearing myself say things you tried to get across to me when I was young! I am not sure if you realize but sometimes just one thing you would say to me, would have a profound meaning later in life. Growing up the one thing I lacked was common sense. You would always try to guide me to make me understand. You showed me different ways to approach things, and to always think things out. You were right in watching what we read, like you hating that we read Mad magazine or watched silly sit coms instead of National Geographic! You gave me the love of travel and experiencing things. No matter what every year you made sure we had a vacation (or one year you gave us a built in pool and that was like a perpetual vacation!) I loved that Virginia motel both you and Mom took us to. Where they rung a bell for dinner and we ate with all the guest. That was the place for my first pony ride, and my love for horses grew from there. I even remember one of the dishes the hostess made for us, I believe it was jello with carrots mixed in! (the little things remembered are what give me the warmest happiest feeling!) Both of you taking us to Disney World, The Epcot center, Niagara Falls, Jamaica, St Thomas, Skyline Drive (where Dad would turn the wheel in our ford station wagon and act like he was going over a cliff!). I remember vacations in Toms river NJ, or just hiking out in the woods to choose our own Christmas tree! One of my favorite vacations (I had so many favorite vacations) was the house boat we rented for a week and went out on open seas! Always planning really different adventures, and always put together with lots of detailed planning and love! Dads garden showed me so much, the love of nature, what hard work could do (coming home after working 12 hours or more a day and taking care of the garden)and the love of watching something you took care of growing and becoming something for good use! There are so many many other moments that make me smile, (like letting us roller skate in the basement), there are too many for me to write. Both of you should know though, no matter what else you accomplished in life, my childhood could not have been any better, and you did it with love! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Love Sheri

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