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Thanks for Pulling Us All to the Same Page
Posted: Jul-15-2011

Patricia Swan - Virginia United States

Jun-2011 thru Jul-2011

School-related (Other)

Dear Patricia,
Thank you for recognizing the need to bring all of us together for the same great cause and for seeing and sharing the vision that, as a team of teams, we can begin to address the issues that need attention and support the school and teachers that we and our children love so dearly.

Each one of us has valuable skills, talents and insights and it's so important that we're brought into the loop like this and invited to share whatever we can offer. Without this supportive forum within which we can work together many of us would remain oblivious and powerless; great resources which could benefit us all would be simply wasted. The school has been a life-changer for my son and I know that other families feel the same way. Being able to "give back" even a portion of what its given us feels good.

In addition you've instilled in us some valuable perspectives and problem-solving methods which we can now apply to assessing and managing our own businesses and projects. I appreciate all of your insights and direction and will strive to implement them to benefit us all.


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