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Thanking Of You

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Posted: Aug-20-2011

Karen Wahl -

Aug-2011 thru Aug-2011


I was on my way home from Long Island to Queens and i decided to stop and get gas. When i went in the store to pay, my card got declined, i didnt walk with any other card or enough money to cover myself. i was stranded and stuck and very upset. i called my mom to see what my options were and the only one we could think of was for her to get a ride alll the way to where i was. i had to pull over and wait because the guy thought i would leave without paying. it was embarrassing! as im waiting in the car on the phone with my mom, this very kind woman named Karen Wahl decided to stop what she was doing and help me out. it was one of the most unheard of things i ever experienced, i mean how many strangers stop and go out of their way to help another, not many! Karen paid for my gas and we made arrangements for her to get the money back. THANKK YOU SOO MUCH KAREN!! I havent stopped thinking or should i say thanking of your amazing heartfelt help. i wish you all the best and i hope you get back twice as much as you've helped me.My mom and i reallly owe you and we are thankful you came my way that day. And my friend Rohan who was with my was still talking about it when we got home. thats how much it meant to us. Thank You and GOD BLESS YOU!!

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