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Thanking Of You

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Goodbye for Now
Posted: Oct-04-2011

Lauran Strait 2009 - Virginia Beach Virginia United States

May-2009 thru May-2009

Organized Group Thank You

Dear Lauran,

Thank you for the many helpful suggetions regarding my presentations and for accepting the meager capacity of a novice. I appreciate your patience when I asked loads of questions during these presentations. I didn't know we weren't supposed to talk until Suzanne mentioned it during her presentation. Even so, I continued to ask!

I regret that I didn't know about your classes sooner. You're a wonderful teacher and mentor. I have learned much more than I've shown from you. I heard your soft voice even through the static of my anxiety.

Most of all, I thank you for the encouraging and complimentary email note after reading my first piece. I am grateful for all I've learned and to be a part of your fabulous following. I will continue to follow, hopefully, through Hampton Roads Writers and any classes you may offer.

With sincere affection,
Jeanette Gallagher

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