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Thanking Of You

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Posted: Aug-23-2010

CTSTpoems10 -

Dayvondria Braxton 12


Time is needed today, tomorrow, yesterday….sorrow
Cries voices call out Help Help arms chained the color of charcoal around my wrists
Welts on my back, swollen, red, blood dripping down my back.
My feet numb from walking barefoot on the sharp thorns and rock
My heart swollen WHY, people call my name with hate, disgust, not of love but the most painful thing Hate!?
My eyes closed
Tears fall down my face not of sadness
But of defeat…
Fire in my eyes
Revengence comes upon me my head low
I could smell my horrid stench
I just want to fly away
Go to my Fathers place…Heaven… is it a disgrace
All I have to say is
I Love My Heritage, My Race....I thank you for the struggle.

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