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Project Lifesaver Success owed to these people
Posted: Oct-13-2009

Numerous people - Chesapeake Virginia United States

through Oct-2009

Within the Workplace

In 1999 I had the idea of starting Project Lifesaver, after having the notion of the equipment presented to me by Sheriff John Newhart. Since that time the program has grown to 45 states, 2 provinces in Canada and 1 agency in Australia with over 1,065 members agencies. This membership has accountered for over 2,000 rescues, across the country, bringing home safely, those with Alzheimer's, Austism, Down syndrome and related disorders who have wandered and become lost. However, the success of this program is owed to a number of people and I'd like to mention a few of them here. Benny Rogerson, who shared the idea with me and helped me make it real. Sheriff Newhart, who supported me and the idea, along with Dave Newby (deceased), who was always there with support when needed. Nancy Gray, who took the idea to Pilot International and helped me gain their suport across the country. Chesapeake General Health Foundation, who, even when they thought I was crazy, had enough faith to finance the pilot of this program. Also, I would be terribly remiss if I didn't thank my wife, Jean, who has always been there, through the good and bad times, offereing support, encouragement and taking part in the program. There are many others, too numerous to mention here that have helped make this possible but, the people I have named were the ones that helped make this program the success it is and without them it would have never gotten off the ground. To them I owe much more than I can ever repay but, I hope they see this and know of my appreciation. Gene Saunders

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