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Thanking Of You

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Thanking Mr. Caraballo!
Posted: Oct-28-2009

Samual Caraballo - Virginia Beach Virginia United States

Mr. Caraballo,
     Thank you so much for coming and talking to our school, Kellam High School! I wasn't able to see your presentation in the library, but I was in Mr. Merritt's Virginia Teachers For Tomorrow class when you spoke to us about learning barriers. I enjoyed hearing your story, about how you came to America and about how had it was to perform daily activities when you didn't know how to speak English. I was really able to grasp how much of a challenge it is for new students who don't know how to speak the common language, and I make sure to be very patient with a someone in the future who doesn't know how to talk in my language.         
     Your presentation helped to confirm my desire to teach when I graduate college, because you were talking about how much of a rewarding job it can be. You said that society could not be where it is today without teachers, and I definitely agree with you. I want to change the life of my students when I teach them, and you showed me just how easy that can be. Once again, thank you for spending time with our class, and I hope that you can come back to see us again soon!
                                                                               Kathryn Gross

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