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Dog rescued from the Humane Society - Sara
Posted: Dec-12-2011

Couple in the Military - Transfered - Tyler Texas United States

through Dec-2011


Hello, I'm not totally sure of the year, either 1999 or early 2000. Our son Michel was young about 11 or so. Our Boxer, dog, Asia died a few years before from old age. Michel was ready for another dog. He wanted a Labrador Retriever. I went to the Smith County Humane Society in Tyler, Texas to look for a dog for Michel. They didn't have a full-blooded Lab but they did have a 6 month old Lab mix. Her name was Sara and she had the most beautiful eyes. Our vet thought she was a yellow Lab/Golden Retriever mix. She was golden brown on the top and her chest, belly and rear were white. She still had her dew-claws. The Humane Society office let me take her out on a leash in the back. I could tell she was scared but she was so sweet and danity. She looked like she weighed about 50 pounds.
I thought she would be a sweet addition to our family as Asia was also a sweet female dog who adored Michel. He was heart broken when she passed.
I made the arragements to purchase Sara. I wanted to know as much about where she came from as possible.
Apparently from all the information the previous owners wrote in the information sheet, she was 6 months old, house broken, fixed and liked cats. They explained what kind of food she liked and how she wanted it fixed. They wrote when her next worming was to be. I really started getting the feeling that she was special to someone. All the people at the Humane Society could tell me was that the people had to give her up because they were in the MILITARY and that they were being transfered. Apparently they cried when they had to leave her. Before Sara and I left the Humane Society gave me a big black trash bag. It had her quilt, toys, and I believe her bowls in it. I started to cry when I realized someone really loved this dog and had to leave her behind. I took her home to Michel and they instantly became the best of friends. Sara would run figure eights in the back yard, she would leap like a deer in the air and really look like a deer with that white rear end jumping. She was beautiful and so sweet. Michel and Sara would sleep together and she wouldn't let him out of her sight. She would come up to you and turn around backward and sit on your feet and then look up at you, up side down, wanting to be petted on her neck. Her personality was amazing. She was with Michel through middle school and high school. When Michel went to college we got a place for him to have Sara. She helped him throughout his teenage years.
Sara just passed away December 8. She was around 12 years old and she suffered from liver failure. Michel was with her the day before and she let him know she was ready. I was with her when we had to put her down. She went peacefully. She is missed so much, Michel is 23 now and really taking it hard. He didn't want her to suffer and our wonderful vet could do nothing more for her.
I understand that the people had to give Sara up and that they were in the Military Service. I wanted them to know how much we appreciate their service to our country and the inconvience that that service sometimes causes. I want them to know how much joy Sara brought to our family. I would really like to thank them in person and send them pictures of Sara. If I had to leave such a wonderful animal I would always wonder if she was being taken care of and if she was happy. Sara was! Her rabies tag was from Rannals Vet Clinic, in Whitehouse, Texas.
We are having Sara Cremated so she will be with Michel again.
If anyone knows the people who gave Sara up, we really would like to thank them. Their sacrifice was so unselfish.

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