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Had you not been approachable my child might have suffered in silence
Posted: Jun-03-2010

Elaine Monn - Virginia Beach Virginia United States

since Feb-2007

School-related (Other)

If you hadn't been exactly who you are our son would likely have continued to suffer in silence.

Somehow he sensed your genuine kindness, concern and love for your middle school students.
Somehow he sensed that you cared about him, that you could be trusted and that you would and could help him.
Somehow he knew he could share with you his feelings of depression.

You delivered.
You contacted us. Neither you nor we knew much about what he was dealing with, but you learned along with us. You not only rose to our challenge, you helped facilitate the break he desperately needed by enabling and immediately coordinating a home-school situation.
Your non-judgmental approach and ongoing communication enabled all of us to clearly focus on our son's needs and to pursue solutions.

You made the most difficult time of our lives a little easier.
We believe you helped save his life.

Our gratitude to you runs as deep as our love for him does.
Each one of us may choose who we want to be in this life--how we want to conduct ourselves; what virtues and values to hold dear; how we want to connect with others. Thank you for choosing to be guided by love and compassion rather than by cynicism and judgment. Our son is doing exceptionally well now. He's learned to manage the source of that depression, which turned out to be obsessive-compulsive disorder combined with having been targeted by a couple of bullies.
No human being is without a struggle; your special qualities are needed by all the students.
Whether you realize it or not, you're making a difference to somebody everyday.

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