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Thanking Of You

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Posted: Jun-10-2010

CTSTpoems10 -

Allie Neal, 17

I think about you every day,
the thoughts of you won't go away.
I see you when I close my eyes,
your beautiful blue eyes staring into mine.
I can't believe I'm losing you,
I can't believe what I put you through.
The biggest mistake I've ever made,
I just want to take it all away.
I know I hurt you...I hurt myself.  
Because I want you and no one else.
I'm sorry things got so messed up...
I'm sorry that sorry is never enough.
If you give me a chance then maybe you'll see,
just how good to you I can be.
I never wanted this to happen,
you have no Idea how sorry I am.
I'm begging for your forgiveness,
because living life without you...I don't think I can.  
So I stand here to tell you I'm sorry,
to tell you it didn't mean a thing...
because everything that happened,
was supposed to happen between you and me.
So I leave it up to you,
our fate is in your hands...
I pray you will give me another chance
so we'll do this right, I know we can.  
I care so much about you,
you mean everything to me...
I'm so sorry this happened babe,
because out of every guy in this world, you're the only one I see.
If you can believe me
and let us move on together,
I'd be so greatful
because I promise I'll love you forever.
So I ask for your forgiveness,
for a chance to keep you in my world...
for you to keep me in your heart,
because I'll always be your girl <3

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