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Posted: Apr-16-2009

TBarbPodkowka2009 - Virginia Beach Virginia United States

Apr-2009 thru Sep-2009

School-related (Other)

Committee Members, Faculty & Students, It is said that there is a time and a place for everything; there is a time to act and a place in everyone’s heart where the hopes of making a difference grow. Never forgotten are the memories of the people who mold our futures and guide us to the goals we long to achieve. Yet in the day to day motion these people are forgotten by the faded ware and tear of a never ending power struggle of different opinions. Teacher Barb is one of the strongest most intelligent women I know; she has the world on her shoulders and she never complains about the weight she carries. The world that she carries is not the world of nations of countries or of cities; but our world the world of students our family that has grown to be what is the upper school. Through the years that I have been attending Virginia Beach Friends School she has been the back bone that has kept us all in line guiding us to where we need to be; and through those years many students have come and gone but all of which learning something from her. Though seniors leave to graduate they graduate knowing that Teacher Barb was there and made it possible for them to get there. Freshman come knowing that they have a chance to make it somewhere and not to have to do it alone. She is the light in our light house; through the storms she shows us the way never failing us. Now it is our chance to do something for her; it is our time to act on the behalf of a woman who has made it her mission to give all of us a chance to further our education, and reach the potential she knows we all have. She has made a place in all of our hearts; for students she is a guide, a teacher, she is role model. To the parents she is a safe house someone to answer questions, someone that understands. This is something less of what the school has become. The past couple of months the school has turned into a political battle infringing on the education of current and potential students. Not only is Teacher Barb an amazing person but she is a brilliant teacher; she is more than qualified to do her job but not only is she qualified but she actually does it well. The school has seemingly forgotten the impact of the power that is giving to the person(s) in charge and the actions that are detrimental to the growth and successful turnout of the upper school. Teacher Barb if let go is sentencing the upper school to a death. She has become the one constant that we can rely on, the hands that guide us through the years to graduation day. She is the rock that we cling to the ledge that we stand on; never wearing away, never breaking hope or spirit. She keeps moving forward moving on from day to day reaching the next goal. It has become a fight that in the end no one wins nor looses. The fact that this situation of nonsensicality and absurd infraction of the trust in the “higher authority”, proves nothing but a abuse of power and a vicious intent to besmirch the name of Teacher Barb and her Capabilities in doing her job. It is a common opinion of all that can apply; I highly suggest that you reconsider your irrational unwise and practically idiotic decision in withholding the contract to the upper school as an essential and imperative character that is Teacher Barb. She is a brilliant, accomplished, and skilled teacher and a stunning judge of character. But to top it all off she does her utmost to get students to their chosen path in life; and that is more than I can say for others. Sincerely, Alexis Keen

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