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Thanking Of You

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Cups of Thank You
Posted: Jan-01-2010

St. Luke's Hospital - Kansas City Missouri United States

Early in 2006, by a quirk of fate, I spent three months in two hospitals. Two months of that, in a coma. My lungs completely failed and everything about me was on the brink of failure. My weight dropped to an unbelievable 74 pounds and my rehabilitation began with learning how to sit up. I had to be taught how to stand and walk, also.

This is a thank you to everyone who works at St. Luke's hospital in Kansas City, Missouri...

St. Luke's has a "rehab reunion" once a year and unfortunately I was out of town on that October date in 2006. So...I wrote them a letter to be read at the function. One of the things I mentioned (along with thanking them for the "good" drugs) was that I thought of them every day. Now, I want them to know that somehow, in some way, I still do. It might be a memory of John on the seventh floor singing to me as he whisked in to open the blinds, Caroline making me laugh when I really, really needed to, Randy kicking my butt in physical therapy sessions, or whoever that lady was who came in a few times during my last month to give me a hand massage (my only pleasant physical experience for a total of three months).

Months after my release, back in my studio, it was obvious that I wouldn't be making fifty pound platters until I got some meat back on my bones. Happily I began to move the only amount of clay that I could... one half pound. I was still in a state of "overwhelmed" by my experience. Part of this was due to the tremendous amount of support I received from the people in my life. It was actually difficult to"get a grip" on the fact that so many people did so much for me. So I sat my little self down and did the one thing I could do... I made cups...dozens and dozens of little one half pound cups. Destined to end up in the hands of nurses, therapists, and doctors at St. Luke's Hospital, plus a few other folks, these lil' cups helped express a huge gratitude for being alive.

Each year after that, I take a little time out of my schedule to make what I call my Hospital Cups and deliver them to St, Luke's Hospital. I consider them a tremendously inadequate thank you to those who saved my life and got me back on my feet.

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