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Thanking Of You

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In your eyes there wasn't anything I couldn't handle
Posted: Oct-03-2010

Ed Wahl at 70 - Farmingdale New York United States

since Jan-1966


   By the time I'd heard the words, "You can't," I was old enough to know better. For as long as I can remember I could build, dig, defend, ski, compete, speak my mind and keep up with just about anyone.  Thank you for your confidence in me.
   Thank you for your non-judgmental conversations, even when it must have been hard to bite your lip.
   Thank you for your unconditional support and the accompanying faith that, as I grew, I was trying to making the best decisions I could with what limited information and experience I had. 
   You've taught me to be a good listener, a good thinker and to take responsibility for my decisions. As I grow, as I've taken well-thought-out risks, it's a joy to be taking responsibility for such decisions, as they have led to many enriching, enlightening and amazing places. 
   There's a lot of you in me.
Much love,
Your daughter

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