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Thanking Of You

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From Lisa K
Posted: Oct-04-2011

Lauran Strait 2009 - Virginia Beach Virginia United States

since May-2009

Organized Group Thank You

Dear Lauran, You have encouraged me to keep writing. I know I have some good stories to tell, and thanks to what I've learned in your workshops, I know what my weakness and strengths are. Now when I sit down to write or edit I have the voices of my classmates and teacher reminding me not to narrate, keep the action live, less is best, show don't tell, watch out for P.O.V. shifts, avoid cliches. It has changed the way I write. I could always count on your for a thorough critique and I'm so thankful that you didn't sugar coat your thoughts on anyone's work. If something didn't read right, you always gave suggestions. Your dedication to the class was very impressive. We always knew we could count on you. Thank you. I will notify you when my stories get published. Thank you so much, Lauran.

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