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Thanking Of You

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Encouragement Goes The Way
Posted: Jun-20-2010

Vannah Crawford - Virginia Beach Virginia Virginia United States

May-2010 thru Jun-2010

School-related (Other)

Have you ever felt like you’re stuck by your peers? When you are having a hard time making a decision but you need someone to support you. To encourage you to do whatever your decision is. Even if that decision maybe wouldn't have been their first choice but they support you in it because that’s what you believe. They think that if you think it is what you should do. Well that is what one of my new best friends, Vannah does. If I get a bad grade she doesn't frown and look at you with "the stare". She is there when you need a shoulder to cry on. She is there when you need someone to talk to. Now I am attracted to drama. So one time my teacher called me outside in the hall way. And she had thought that I lied to her when I didn't. She thought that I had but I hadn't. I felt like I wanted to just burst in to tears listening to her believe that had told a lie. So when I came in it was time for P.E. So I hoped in line and Vannah hoped behind me. So I asked her if I could see her in the rest room. Once she got in the restroom I started to cry and cry and cry some more. And Vannah told me that she would always be there for me. And it felt so good knowing that she would be there for me.

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