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Thanking Of You

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You didn't see the vision but you believed in my ability to see it
Posted: Mar-28-2009

Jonathan Firestone - Virginia Beach Virginia United States


You couldn't see the vision. It didn't make the same sense to you that it made to me. And bringing the vision to a monumental reality would come at a cost.

You flinched. You waivered. You hummed and haaaaaed a lot.
And in the end you relinquished your fear in favor of your faith in me.

You worked, you helped, you brought coffee, backrubs and words of encouragement. By giving to me you're giving to the world.  By giving to the world you're giving to our children (as you always have) and grandchildren, to our parents and grandparents, to our siblings, their families and to generations past and future. 

I couldn't have done it without you.
These are the things love is made of.

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