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Mr. Henderson: Best Sixth Grade Teacher Ever!
Posted: Dec-14-2011

Mr. Henderson - Arlington Virginia United States

Sep-1980 thru Jun-1981

School-related (Other)

I knew Mr. Henderson would be my favorite teacher ever when, on the first day of school, he read aloud to us from a novel. Reading was my favorite activity, and here was a teacher (and a MAN teacher!) who shared my view. I didn't realize it then, but that sixth grade year laid the foundation for me to want to become a teacher, and when I graduated from college 11 years later, it was with a degree in English and a teaching certification.
Mr. Henderson was compassionate and gentle. He was obviously different from the female teachers I'd always had, but he had that same passion for teaching that they had, too. He never shamed a student, never thought any question was ridiculous, and went at a pace that accommodated everyone in the class well. I was sad on the last day of school that I was leaving such a great place as Woodmont Elementary, but also to be leaving such a great teacher as Mr. Henderson. Thank you, Mr. Henderson, for making kids your life's work!

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