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Thanking Of You

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Thank You for Your Unconditional Love
Posted: Jul-02-2010

Christopher Bollin and Cameron LoPresti - Virginia Beach Virginia United States


I would like to take a moment to thank my two children, Christopher Bollin and Cameron LoPresti. Life has been less than perfect for the last two years for us. I have worked through a divorce, earned my Master's degree and struggled to make ends meet. There were days that I didn't feel like doing anything but being by myself in closed quarters and forgetting about the world. However, through all of this, Christopher and Cameron continued to show me unconditional love, even when I wasn't being so nice, continued to support me when I was ready to give up and provided me the strength that I needed to fight the fight. There has never been a moment when I couldn't just say to them, "Boys, mom needs some time" and they would pull together and do what needed to be done. This whole situation added so much stress to them but they were able to conquer it, show they were troopers and love me no matter what.

Christopher, you have proven that no matter how hard times got for us, you could handle the load. You have graduated with honors and grown into the man I had only hoped you could be and more. I couldn't be prouder to tell the world that you are my son.

Cameron, the last two years have been a trying time for you, son. I know that life isn't what you think that it should be and with that things could be different. The struggle, son, will continue to get easier and life will be just as normal as we can make it. Keep your chin up, know that Mom loves you and that together, we can conquer anything.

To my boys--thank you for your unconditional, supportive love through everything we have been through. I love the both of you and through everything, you have been my rocks, my strength and my guiding light. We have remained strong in our fight and have conquered the battle. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Love forever,

Jessica LoPresti
Virginia Beach, Va., U.S.A.

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