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My Dream Job
Posted: Apr-09-2009

Nicole Godshalk Russo - Virginia Beach Virginia United States

My life took a big turn around once I walked in my new place of employment. Never in my years of working, did I ever feel that this would be the place that I can finally feel comfortable and happy working at. Looking forward to go to work was unbelieveable. Everyday was a fun day for me. I especially felt great being complimented on my looks and cheerfulness. I just love my job. Working with Residents was a big change from working with children for the past thirteen years. It was fun too, but the people I work with were not very nice and pleasant to work with.These wonderful Resident trully appreciate all that I do for them. I am respected by all my co-workers and this makes me feel truly valuable. I have to thank my supervisor for all she tought me and for trusting my ideas and judgement. In the past two years I have learned more about computers, public relations, and various duties to perform my job with greatness. I owe it all to this wonderful, beautiful,and loving person Nicole Godshalk Russo.

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