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Reconnection after 23 years
Posted: Apr-07-2010

Facebook -

since Mar-2009


My story start's on March 3rd 2009 and I hope will never end. I was new to facebook because it was my 25th Hight School class reunion and a few of my classmates started a group. I was sent a questionaire about my first(prom date, care friend etc)I answered the questions thinking that it was going to the renuion committe, no it went to my facebook page. The next day a comment from the sister of the guy I went to my prom with, she said "Michael is available email him and tell him to join. Since we were friends in school I thought it would be great to connect with a friend, it had been since '86 since I had seen him. The next day after my email to him he had join making me his first friend, when I saw him online we IM briefly and he gave me his phone number. The next night I gathered up the nerve to call I will never forget March 3rd 2009 at 9pm. We spoke for 4hrs with plans to speak again on the 5th and maybe get together. Two days later he called we talked for 9hr only getting of the phone so I could get ready for work. On March 7th he drove 4hrs from Georgia to South Carolina. I was very nervous to see him after so many years. After 6 months I transfered my job to Georgia, on February 14th 2010 he asked me to marry him. Thank you facebook for helping me find my true love after 27yrs.

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