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Amazing Grace in a Parking Lot
Posted: Feb-27-2012

Harris Teeter Parking Lot, Greenbrier Virginia United States

Feb-2012 thru Feb-2012


Trying to guide my grocery cart through parking lot, wind gusting, hair wild, face blotched with sun damage, hands crooked trying to keep that cart straight, band aid not covering puppy wound. Suddenly a tan youthful woman in shorts, golden hair waving, with freckled daughter in tow, rushes up to me. "You are adorable!" she says, smiling like the sun. Me? "Sassy and just adorable!" and then she skipped away. Heart in throat, dubfounded, I stared back, unable to speak. Her daughter smiled back brilliantly. Does she know that her mother changed my life? Adored, that's how she'd made me feel on her way to the grocery store. I want to be that powerful for someone somewhere today!

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