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Thanking of You Videos

Interview with Cheryl Tan of WAVY TV 10's The Hampton Roads Show: How Nora Firestone's desire to thank two former teachers led to this solution for people worldwide . . . 

What's Your Problem? Giving gratitude: wavy.com



 The inspiration behind ThankingOfYou.com, as told for Mutual of Omaha insurance company's "Aha" Moment tour, June 13, 2011, Norfolk, Va.:




ABC News interview with author of "365 Thank Yous".  This is what it's all about!  Watch this video and then post your own "Thank yous" at ThankingOfYou.com: 




Gabrielle Brinkley thanks Monika Charleston and Dakita Perry of Teens with a Purpose for changing her life
through mentorship and friendship  Click to watch


Developmentally disabled adults at Chesapeake Service Systems thank Cox Communications, Dollar Tree and all who support the positive workplaces in which they thrive: 



Woman thanks grandmother for spiritual foundation and unconditional love: 



Student Alexandra House of Virginia Beach, Va., thanks former teacher Ms. Piccillo:



We love this spoken word video by Joshua Bennett, called "Ten Things I Want to Say to a Black Woman". It's not only a beautiful poem but also a great example of a positive effect of one person's words and actions on an other.




Must-see news segment about woman's search to thank former teacher:  



ThankingOfYou Contest Video: What's it about and Vote for Us:




Don't miss Dr. Laura's meaningful video regarding what mothers really want on Mother's Day:



What's it about?



Poet and author Nnamdi Godson Osuagwu thanks NBA athletes for the inspiration to aim high:


Deepak Chopra's Gratitude Meditation:


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