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Thanking Of You

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Grad-itude for Virginia Beach Friends School Teachers
Posted: Jun-11-2012

T. Bernice, T. Carrie, T. Barb, T. Barbara, T. Danny, T. Jacquie - Virginia Beach Virginia

Graditude Rally

There are five teachers I would like to thank and nine students:
Thank you T. Bernice for being my beloved mentor. Your advice will guide me through the hard and easy times of life.

Thank you T. Carrie for really pushing me to be a better person, to help me through my trials here at school.

Thank you T. Barb, my former adviser, you always believed in me even when I didn't believe in myself.

Thank you T. Barbara, you found my love for reading again. Thanks for staying on my back about homework, it really saved me this year.

I want to thank my advisory, I love you all, and we all will be a family until the end of time.

Thank you T. Danny, your tough love really helped me grow and succeed in the adult world.

T. Jacquie: "Love, peace and harmony . . . That's what I received at Friends School."

With gratitude,

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