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Thanking Of You

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Thank You, Teacher Barb
Posted: Apr-16-2009

TBarbPodkowka2009 - Virginia Beach Virginia United States

Teacher Barb,
I want to thank you for your superb leadership and teaching abilities. When looking for an educator for my child, I could not hope for a better person to be in that position than you. You have set high standards academically for my child and given him the tools to reach his potential. However, I also want to thank you for those intangibles that make you the outstanding person that you are. Barb, thank you for being there for my child. As his advisor, you are also another trusted adult in his life. You truly care about each of your students and believe me, they can tell. Barb, please know that as much as you love the kids, they love you back. What more could a parent ask for?

I could write pages, but here's just a couple of personal examples of things that might not have "registered" with you but were definitely noticed and appreciated by me:
Being a teacher at VBFS is more than a job to you--how many teachers would have gotten all the boys of the Class of 2011 boutonnieres so they'd look awesome for prom? As I watched those kids, all I kept thinking of was how lucky they were to have you and Jeff as advisors!
Also, in the fall, I told you I was planning a special trip to William and Mary with my son and my 96-yr-old grandfather (W&M, Class of '33). I had run into roadblocks with the Admissions Office when trying to plan this visit and you brilliantly suggested I work through the Alumni Association instead. The result was an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime visit that never would have happened without your insights. You could have just said, "Oh well, that's too bad..." and run off to do the 1,001 things that you had to do that day, but you didn't. You cared and it made a difference.

Barb, thank you for being such a positive part of our lives. We admire your professionalism and also your inner strength and courage in the face of adversity. We hope that you will continue teaching at VBFS-- you are a wonderful teacher and role model and I hope you will accept our sincerest gratitude for a job well done. --The Clelands

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