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Creating our Book of Love & Memories for Dad - his 87th Birthday
Posted: May-27-2014

Jim Lobsitz 2014 -

since May-2014

Organized Group Thank You

A Book of Love for our Dad & Pops... Jim Lobsitz.

Memorial Day, May 26th, 2014

Dear Family,

As we all know, Saturday, June 14th will be a fantastic cause of celebration as we share Dad's 87th birthday with him. While he is living in the moment, he also has been quite vocal in letting us know the "Big C" has made this his last one. Then let's gather and make this a Memorable one !!! What a gift we have been given to have an amazingly heathy Dad for 87 years! Individually, we are filled with so many great memories and fun times spent with Dad, but collectively, we have a Family Treasure more priceless than any gift he doesn't want or need. As such, I have been creating a FAMILY PHOTO MEMORY BOOK of LOVE for him (and us). Knowing he will cherish this Book, read it often and have when he needs a Big Family Love Hug in those quiet long hours he has living firmly independent, but alone.

I hope to create a book filled with eternal love, great times, poignant memories, shared experiences, personal thoughts and deep awareness of the many ways he has positively impacted each of our lives, as we have touched his. This is a well earned gift of gratitude and thanks he will truly keep forever in his heart.

There are no rules. Only a deadline of June 9th to finish your thoughts in enough time for me to organize, proof, detail and print. You make it what you want it to be. There are no restrictions. One page or many. Please upload all photos you would like included..

Special note: Please find no less than 5 pictures spanning your childhood to present. Preferably with both You and Dad, though not required, as there are no rules. Do make sure to identify other people in photos, especially if they're not recent and I don't know them.

Dad is anticipating this gift though unaware of one detail. It's a surprise. Keep it under wraps please.

This is ALL about Dad, and the Celebration of his Life!!! A time to come together with unconditional love, unity and purpose. He always is telling me how blessed he is have such a loving family. To have lived a successful & meaningful well traveled life, with never ending room for a little golf swing improvement. Plus our entrenched never-let-you-down rock solid Family "Rally Round" Mantra, both he & Dad ingrained in our being, which he is seriously and values highly. An important Family Tradition to uphold & impart to our younger upcoming little ones.

We are much better people because of Dad's unwavering support, forgiving nature, strong yet gentle spirit, each of us engaged and profoundly enriched as we listen to Dad's numerous funny stories, having learned invaluable lessons, being nudged back in the right direction, bailed out of or sent off with firm but fair words, chuckling over his funny quirks and highly unique ways that will continually have us laughing and reminiscing together as long as we live. Will any one of us ever be able to top the number of books Dad's read and continues to push this impressive figure even higher?! ¯\_(?)_/¯ It's quite the feat.

So, the 14 day countdown clock begins ticking tomorrow. Please take the time, collect your thoughts and personal stash of pictures you want to include in Dad's Family Photo Memory Book of Love.

It's a tribute to him from us and will be presented together as a Family gathered to honor everything he has given us, while we give back to him full of Appreciation and Happiness as we celebrate Dad turning 87 years young!!! Let's make it a Lobsitz lay-in until he says:

Good-bye and Good Luck!!!

My Love to all of you...

Your Daughter, Sister, Mother and Aunt,

Lisa Lynn

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