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Thanking Of You

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Taking My Breath Away
Posted: Jul-27-2010

CTSTpoems10 -


Name: Katelyn Jordan Age: 13
                                                                        Taking My Breath Away
The height of the sky.
The mountains,
The oceans,
The birds that soar by.
The wettest of the waters,
To the driest of the dry.
From me,
To you,
To him,
That's all fine.
But, what I am thankful for most,
The concept that really makes me boast,
Is the fact that this is all ours,
I could stare at it all for hours.
The flowers,
The fruits,
And all the trees that sway,
Make up my day.
Our lives,
Our souls,
I can't stifle my gratitude!
Because this is taking my breath away.
It's all here to stay.
I won't ever look away.
It's as simple as this,
Our world is full of bliss!
You don't miss it!
So, thank you I say,
For each and every day.

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