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Thanking Of You

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unity project,mens mission
Posted: May-25-2010

chuck,henderson,sistas place - london California Canada

May-2010 thru May-2011

Within the Workplace

Many people are suffering in lower class society,fighting for there lives,looking for hope,in there faith.They are asking for someone to give a damb,have a ear to hear,eyes to see.Yesturday on victoria day,nothing was applied,a very hot day,of 27dg.I prayed,almost cried,seeing people lay under trees,on blankets,in hot sun,with nowhere to eat,or drink,walking down streets with there belongings.Latter that night,the coffee house,was streamed with street people,i have to thank the coffee house,street scape,for going distances,bringing forth there efforts,time,a ear to hear,eyes to see the need,that night,we had through cathlic church,womanpeople working together,chili,drinks,desert provided,the smiles i saw of the street people were amazing,they were using manners,full of joy.It only takes one,prayer,one person,many ears,eyes to work together,going distances to make it possible for all,in order to save lives.Also unity project,i thank,chuck for having a ear to hear,pna time is given on every wednesday,i missed one,waited patiently,today i saw her,had to go see apt,very hot today,32dg,she could have had me wait,made me walk to apointment,but heard my cry,gave me my pna,in order to not cause more harm to my health,i thank chuck from unity for her generosity,time.On may 5 2010,i was evicted from apt,lost all i had worked hard for,through landlord neglect,because i worked with a young girl,as a assurity through courts,working with her in my home,a girl,lost trying to find her way in life,through sytems not heard,she decided she would talk to her trusty,financial advisor through mental health,next month,when i recieved my monthly chech,at moneymart,they found trustee put stop payment on it,because of clients verbal request,i lived off of 450,00 for month causing me to lose,my apt.as a result.I then payed ahead of time,to motel for week,motel then told me to leave as a result of money,there greed got better of them.I spent one night out on streets with my puppy,i lost in dead cold,i have astreo arthritis throughout my body,this then caused severity to my nsides ,like wiplash,in wich im restoring from.I would like to thank my sistas place,jenn bussel police,for coming to my assistance,quickly.They have been a team,of support that gave me a reason to go on.Im now on streets of london ontario,a lady who has vercome all sercomstances ,hoping for a world of changes,dreams come true for all.I have 3 gold,1 silver award.My testimony would change lives,as many do.Thank you all,may God bless you,I love you all.Nina liteeagle.In JESUS CHRIST NAME AMEN.

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