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Thanking of YouTM  Recommended Articles about Gratitude

The following articles highlight the power of gratitude and its potential role in the everyday experience--from its effects on physical, mental and emotional well-being to its impact on business and personal relationships and more.  Happy reading!

Articles by our own correspondents, including the teen perspective . . .Click for articles


January, 2011
"New Year, New Outlook: The Value of Gratitude" within the workplace, by Nora Firestone, as appeared in Inside Business magazine. . . . Small business owners and charitable donors bore an especially disheartening burden as they weighed generous inclinations against sustainability in deciding how to compensate or support those who've helped support them and their causes. The good news heading into a new year is that there's real value in gifts of the mind and heart . . .


Willie Randolph on George Steinbrenner: Beautiful article by the baseball great reflects on the gifts Steinbrenner has given him, asking at one point, "How do you thank someone for that?  For making a huge difference in the course of your life, and the things that you are able to provide for your family? . . ."  We know the answer, Mr. Randolph; that's what we're all about at ThankingOfYou.com.  Sports fans and fans of the magic of life alike, take a few minutes to read his article.  We really do touch the lives of others in ways we cannot imagine. 


"Want What You Have," a great article by Mike Robbins: a reminder that our sense of gratitude is independent of our circumstances . . . Click for article at Huffington Post online.


The Power of "Thank You" in Business . . . Click for great article by Joyce E.A. Russell, psychologist and director of the Executive Coaching and Leadership Development Program at the University of Maryland's Robert H. Smith School of Business. 


Benefits to health and relationships, published at HealthDay News . . . Click for full article  


 The Difference Between Companies Succeeding and those Simply Worried? Gratitude for Customers . . . Click to link to article "Where's the Water" by Julie Sue Auslander, published at FastCompany.com 


 New Jersey man thanks police department for arresting him 24 years ago . . . Click to link to great article by Barry Carter


Gratitude in the Time of Downsizing: A Case Study . . . Click to link to article by Sean Doyle




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