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Thanking Of You

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Teacher went over and above call
Posted: May-25-2009

Cheryl Zell - Virginia Beach Virginia United States

Sep-2006 thru Jun-2007

School-related (Other)

Cheryl, you more than accommodated our son during the most difficult time of his life to date.
He needed to be able to count on your patience, your assistance, your encouragement and your acceptance. And you delivered with compassion, professionalism and innovation.

Thank you for spending the extra time to help facilitate a home-school situation. Thank you for all the mornings you helped him before class started and for allowing him to come and go for tests.
Your smiles and kind words put him at ease when he felt like he was putting us all out and that he couldn't possibly be worth all the "trouble."

You gave him exactly what he needed--the assurance that he could relax, that he wasn't any "trouble" and that you'd help him maintain the great grades he'd worked so hard to make.
The more he felt assured that everything would be okay, the more he could focus on managing health-related issues.

That period of time could have taken him (and us) in many different directions. Without the genuine care and support from you and the others we likely would have walked an entirely different path--one whereby every step was simply a reaction to chaos and confusion.
Knowing that his education could remain intact while we sought help in areas which were unraveling made all the difference.

E. is 15 now and doing really well. He still thinks of you all fondly and he greatly appreciates exactly who you were to him at that point in his life. Keep up the great work, backed by your great heart. You're making a difference to somebody every day.

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