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On your birthdays...
Posted: Feb-19-2014

Caleb and Caroline -

Feb-2014 thru Feb-2014


This week, we got to celebrate the 16th birthday of my baby sister, Caroline, and the 22nd birthday of my big bro, Caleb. Year after year, I am continually blessed by the influence that both of you have in my life. You both make me so proud! Caroline- you are growing up so fast, and I am so proud of how beautiful you are, both inside and outside. You are wise far beyond your years, and you have amazing determination to succeed in life. I love watching you grow into a young woman, and seeing how you are a positive influence to our family and to your friends. And, obviously, you are super totes gorgeous. I am SO proud to be your big sis, and I cant wait to see what this year holds for you! Thank you for always making me laugh and for sharing in the beautiful adventure of sisterhood with me. Caleb- I am constantly bragging on you about how you are the best big brother anyone could have. I am so thankful for the influence that you have in mine and Caroline's lives. At the end of the day, I know you will always have my back. As you are graduating this year, it will be super hard to let you go and watch you off on your adventures in the Air Force. But, I am crazy proud of you, and how you are stepping into your God-given ability to be a tremendous leader. Whether your are leading your cadets, or leading missions in Nicaragua, you display the love and strength of Christ in ways that are unparalleled by any young men that I know. Thank you for always inspiring me, for holding me accountable, and for watching over me and always making me feel safe and loved. I love you both so much, and hope you both had wonderful birthdays. Thank you for who you are, and for who you help me to be. You are the best!

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