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The Infinite Effects of Your Friendship
Posted: Oct-31-2009

Debbie Heffernan - New York


When I think back on those really tough teenage years you're the first person who comes to mind. Your friendship helped me in so many ways.  We shared a lot in common in our family lives, which was key to me realizing that I wasn't the only one struggling with domestic violence and fear at home. 

Your encouragement and always-uplifting words helped me to see the good that I had to offer; without it I'd likely have sunken with the feeling that I was "damaged goods."  You introduced me to all of your friends, which helped raise my confidence in social circles.

Growing into adulthood I always knew you were with me in spirit--in sisterhood.  When years passed between visits I still could see you in my mind as if we'd just had coffee that morning; I could still sense your optimism, kindness and unyielding belief in me. And that's the spirit with which you've always approached everything and everyone in your life.

I don't deserve your kudos, but you're so overwhelmingly generous with support that it would be a shame to let a drop of it go to waste. Therefore, I aspire to live up to your vision of me.  And I expect you to share the credit; give yourself a big hug and a pat on the back for being a person who helped shape her friends in positive ways.  Any good that I might do for another I do by the collective spirit of all who've played a significant role in my life.  Surely you've had that same effect on many; your "small" acts of kindness have grown to nurture generations in ways you can't imagine.

You truly are an extraordinarily special person. There are no luckier students in the world than yours, I'm certain (so hang in there on those tough days).  All of those whose lives you touch are better for it. You're such a part of who I am today and I thank you for you, from the bottom of my heart.

Proud and grateful for your friendship,

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