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No Wrong Way to Say, "Thank You."                               2009-03-14

I never met a "Thank you" I didn't like.  And each one seems to have impeccable timing. 
"Gratitude is born in hearts that take time to count up past mercies," according to Charles E. Jefferson (1860-1937).

Good quote.  Jefferson was right.
A high school senior, for instance, cannot possibly understand the full implications of the college scholarship money just awarded to him by a charitable foundation. It likely won't be for years, even decades, until he's experienced the perpetual and far-reaching fruits of this gift--a gift given by a group of strangers with a collective understanding of the power of giving, the power of gratitude and the power of giving back to the rippling pool of life.

We've all received "past mercies."  It's in taking that time to count them, to recognize their impact on who we are today and to act with appreciation and intention, that affirms those mercies as essential life-sustaining fruits and continues to seed the myriad fields of humanity.   

ust as "No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted" (Aesop), no authentic expression of gratitude is ever rootless, fruitless or less than simply delicious.  Nor does it ever arrive too late to matter.

Whether brief or elaborate, simple or staged, whispered, shouted or written, the words "Thank you" ring louder than most.  What the recipient hears are not misspellings, displaced punctuation marks or grammatical foibles.  The recipient hears the sentiment; the recipient hears that he or she made a lasting difference; the recipient hears a preview of his or her legacy.

Read through the handy writing, post-and-search and other tips
if you're unsure about how to go about it.  Then let uncertainty give way to ardent gratitude.

Don't worry about a thing.  Just put it out there; it'll find its way.

You're amazing, now go be yourself,
Nora and Team

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