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Thanking of YouTM

Is your organization in the business of "making a difference"?  Thousands are.  Consider health and rescue professionals, support groups, civic and spiritual organizations, organ donation agencies, scholarship funds and their benefactors; the list potentially never ends.   

At ThankingOfYou.com, the "monumental movement" for thanking those who've made a difference in the lives of others, we're linking the good with the gratitude by providing such organizations with a tasteful graphic link to our central, independent forum, by which those whom have benefited can say, "Thank you; you've made a difference, and here's how . . ." 

The authentic expressions of gratitude are the life-affirming words that encourage, motivate and inspire acts of greatness throughout the world, and often with far-reaching effects.  Allow the members of your organization to read the words they so deserve to hear.  Help them to discover the lasting, positive impact they've made on others--and the when, how, to whom and why it mattered so much.

Simply contact us for everything you need to quickly and easily post the ThankingOfYou logo and link on your organization's Web site.  We'll even create an Organized Group Code for you if you'd like, to make it easy for all to post and search messages to you under the same title.

In order to further support your cause, we may also offer to link your Web site's home or donations page to our "Make a Donation" section, by which visitors who post stories of gratitude have the option to make charitable donations in honor of the person or group they are thanking.  Use of our graphic prompt and Web site and links to our "Make a Donation" page are completely free of charge.

We look forward to working with you to let gratitude be a driving force behind your "monumental movement."

You're amazing,
Nora and Team

ThankingOfYou.com is the Web-based forum for posting (and discovering) stories of gratitude to recognize, affirm and honor those who have made a difference in the lives of others.  Thank someone who's had a lasting, positive impact on your life today: a teacher, friend, family member, charity, mentor, soldier, spiritual advisor, rescue worker, even a stranger!  If you know of an organization deserving of a ThankingOfYou graphic prompt send its representatives our way; we'll take good care of them.

      Who have you been meaning to thank?  Who on Earth has been Thanking of You?
               Gratitude affirms life.  Express yours at www.ThankingOfYou.com

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