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Thanking of You Frequently Asked Questions 

Q.  What impact might my story of gratitude, or message of thanks, have on its recipient?

A.  Your story of gratitude answers for its recipient/s one of the most profound and important questions s/he will ever ponder: Did I make a difference?  Numerous recipients of Thank You messages have contacted us to say that discovering the extent to which they've "mattered" in the life of another has profoundly impacted them upon receipt.  One woman wrote that receiving her Thank You message "actually brought me closer to God."  


Q.  I'd like to make a donation to a cause in honor of the person I'm thanking.  How may I do that, and does ThankingOfYou.com recommend any worthy organizations?

A.  Yes, making a donation to a cause or organization in honor of someone who's made a difference in your life is a great idea and simple to do.  After logging in at ThankingOfYou.com your My World tab and its subtabs will appear in the menu.  Click the subtab My Messages of Thanks to write (or embed) your story of gratitude.  Below the large text box in which you've written (or embedded) your story you will see a note about the option to make a donation in honor of the person you're thanking.  While you may independently contact any organization you choose, make your donation and note it in the appropriate box, you may also click to see the list of organizations chosen by ThankingOfYou.com to represent a range of causes and link directly to them via our page.  You may view that list here: www.ThankingOfYou.com/charities.cfm    ThankingOfYou.com does not handle these transactions, nor does ThankingOfYou.com receive any percentage of the donation or any "kickback" for facilitating it.


Q.  I'd like to contact my former boss with the link to the message I wrote him at ThankingOfYou.com but I haven't been able to find his contact information after all these years.  Does ThankingOfYou.com try to contact message recipients to let them know they have a story?

A.  The team at ThankingOfYou.com does not actively search for individual recipients at this point.  However, we do use social media and other tools to further the visibility of the messages/videos posted on-site.  Members can help increase this visibility by re-posting/re-tweeting the content.  You may follow it at Twitter.com and Facebook.com

In addition, anyone anywhere may do a story search of a name and/or other information that might pertain to that which would be included in a message of thanks posted to a specific group or individual.  The story search will bring up all headlines to stories posted using that information.  For instance, once your former boss (or someone who knows him) discovers ThankingOfYou.com he can search his own name on-site and discover your story of gratitude (imagine that discovery!).  Recipients of stories of gratitude posted at ThankingOfYou.com are also apt to discover their stories via search engines like Google if/when they search their names.


Q.  Why is signing my name "optional"?  Why not automatically display the author's name and/or profile information?

 A. ThankingOfYou.com understands the sensitive nature of some Thank You messages and respects an author's choice to either identify him/herself or to remain anonymous as s/he wishes.  Discomfort about being automatically identified may prevent some visitors from posting stories/messages that would otherwise recognize, affirm and honor the contributions of those who've made a difference in their lives. We strive to make it easy and comfortable for people to express and receive their stories of gratitude because we believe that there should be no barriers to the expression and discovery of this powerful virtue.


To ask a question about using ThankingOfYou.com please click here to contact us.

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