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Dearest Grandfather
Posted: Jul-06-2009

William Wahl -


First I'd like to say, Rest In Peace Grandpa. I love you so much and I always will. There will never be a day when I don't think about you. You are my guardian angel and I know you will always be with me. I love you, this is for you.

Is there any time,
To say how I feel?
Time to share,
Exactly what's been real?
Well you've gone away,
But not for long,
And I promise that nightly,
I'll sing you a song.
And when we meet up,
In about 60 years,
I'll hug you so tightly,
Along with some tears.
I'll tell you I love you,
And miss you so much,
Both your ginormous belly,
And your grandfatherly touch.
Here's how I feel,
About the term "Grandfather"
You portray it so beautifully,
'cause you really are a GRANDfather.
I'll miss you so greatly,
My whole life long.
All the time we've spent together,
That never went wrong.
So here's my goodbye,
Not to forget you,
But this goodbye,
Is to say "I'll miss you".
Goodbye to you Grandpa,
With a hug and a kiss.
I'll catch you later,
In your sweet tender bliss. <3

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