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Best parents anyone could ever ask for
Posted: Mar-10-2010

Lee & Diane Kauper - Alachua Florida United States

Jun-1972 thru Mar-2010


For the almost 38 years I've lived on this Earth I have always been supported, loved and cherished by these, the most two wonderful parent's anyone could ever, ever ask for. Even when I was upset that they might have been firm in they're convictions they always had my best interest at heart. They almost always did what they said they would and do what they said they would do - that is so, very much more than any other people I know, parents or not.. they we're honest and straightforward. These wonderful, giving people put up with some behavior that to this day I'm not proud of and have always opened they're house, hearts and wallets to me. I saw this site and thought - what a better way to thank them than in a public forum similar to this.

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