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Robert Coran Capshaw: Thanks for the Inspiration and Ongoing Lessons
Posted: Nov-03-2010

Robert Coran Capshaw - Charlottesville Virginia United States

Dear Mr. Capshaw,
Please entertain this “fan letter”, penned at long last by a respectable businesswoman after years in awe of your growing list of lifetime accomplishments. I admire your work and all that you have done over time not only as a music manager, but as an entrepreneur. And it’s time that I share with you the positive impact you’ve had on me.

One aspect of your success which I find most amazing is that it seems to be developed largely under the radar, perhaps out of humility, and at the same time, each individual thread is woven into such a precise web as to continuously and perpetually grow all extensions of your business. Specifically, Red Light Management, a pioneer in the industry due to your ability to cultivate and nurture the relationship between fan and artist, comes to mind. Your fine example affirms for me that success is personal and individually wrought, that it’s still admirable and rewarding to be driven more by integrity than by celebrity, and that the powers of the creative mind are virtually endless.

Your business models and management techniques inspire me to continue to stay true to myself and my gut instincts. Not only do you successfully manage multiple facets of business, but you merge them together so appropriately. Your businesses all tie centrally to the success of the Dave Matthews Band, but the web of these endeavors stands alone as well. The successful creation of such symbiotic relationships seems uniquely amazing in the modern world.

I find your ability to recognize potential and utilize cutting-edge technology to create new opportunity most intriguing and inspiring. The advent of the Internet allowed you to step in as one of the biggest music giants online. However, this success started with you as a simple Internet service provider in the base years of the World Wide Web. Taking such a risk at the time may have appeared to many as overzealous, or even foolish, but you saw both the opportunities and the possibilities. Not only did you seize this great tool, but you built with it from the blueprints of your trusted imagination. Following your lead, I now act with more self-confidence and trust in my own abilities, intuition and imagination.

You’ve established yourself in real estate as well, which I believe is one of the most intelligent moves you could have made. This created real tangible assets that also generate revenue. Despite opposition, you have managed your cards and your properties well. This reminds me to stay grounded while spinning “outside the box.”

By far, what I most admire is that all of your hard work, successes and bumps along the way have landed you at a level where you’ve not only stood to gain so much, but from where you now stand to give so much back. You spend money to preserve historic landmarks. You give back to the fans on your web pages. You have grown the Dave Matthews Band into one of the biggest musical names today. You have helped others to grow themselves—perhaps the most admirable part of your business plan.

Your success has inspired me to create my own path and to proudly and confidently pioneer uncharted territory. This benefits those whom I serve, as I share with them new ideas, push boundaries and strive to fulfill un-served niches and demands. I remain open to new possibilities and to implementing the tools and cultural concepts available to me. In my company, we turn a deaf ear to the nay-sayers—never out of arrogance, but out of focus and confidence. At the same time, I understand the importance of listening to my “audience.” And I aspire daily to accomplish some measure of what you’ve achieved, on all levels, as your examples apply to my own life.

Thank you for sharing your place in this big world for the benefit of others. My deep appreciation for your contributions sustains and renews my spirit, focus and drive every day and also keeps me mindful of the importance of sharing them for the benefit of others. Thank you.

Fondly and most sincerely,
A True Fan

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