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Thanking Of You

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Thank you Lauran
Posted: Oct-04-2011

Lauran Strait 2009 -

“Go out and use what I have taught you,” Lauran stood in front of the classroom.
Kimberly sat at the desk and chewed her pen cap. “But I’m not ready,” she said, running her fingers through her dark hair.
Lauran opened her bag. “You will be fine.” She shoved a purple marker into the pocket next to a green one.
“What will I do if my narrator intrudes? Where will I put him?” Kimberly bit her lip.
“Hide him in the dialogue or tuck him into your thoughts,” Lauran said.
Kimberly picked at her nails. “Okay, but what if I lose my voice and am forced into passivity?”
“Get back out there with an active verb, yell, scream, or shout.”
“What if my eyes begin to roll?” Kimberly sighed. “What do I do then?” she shrugged.
“Give up and throw you arms in the air.” Lauran chuckled.
Kimberly smiled.

Thank you Lauran, you’ve changed my life!!! (and yes, that deserves three)

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