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A World Class Teacher
Posted: Dec-10-2011

Audrey Stafford -

School-related (Other)

Dear Mrs. Stafford,
As a ninth grader entering high school, I was excited to be taking home Economics, but knew nothing about you as a teacher. As it turned out, you were stern, dedicated and very talented. Did I appreciate you then...probably not, but after you and I both switched schools, I ended up with you teaching me biology, world history, more home economics and family planning. As a senior, I became your student assistant...then you got sick from a surgery gone wrong and I was very worried about you. As it turned out, you got well and came back to school and after I graduated I never saw you again. Then one day while working my way through college at a restaurant in Greenville, N.C., I saw you again. You were as glad to see me as I was to see you, even reminding me you kept the collie statues I had bought for you while you were sick in the hospital. We have not seen each other since, but I want you to know just how much you meant to me and still do. You made me work harder than I wanted, excel more than I thought I could and to this day, you are one of the most influential people in my life. Thank you so much for being the best teacher I experienced in high school or college. Mrs. Stafford, you are a very exceptional human being and I REALLY appreciate your efforts in my life.

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