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This Guy Made a Huge Difference to my family
Posted: Jan-15-2011

George Manning - Virginia Beach Virginia United States

Nov-2010 thru Dec-2010


I want to publically thank George Manning and let him know how much he means to my family and me. George is the owner of United Restoration services and he also builds homes. My sister has been his hair stylist for many years. We had a family tragedy a few days before Thanksgiving. My aunt was found barely alive in her condo by the neighbor. The rescue squad was called and she was saved and is now ok. To our dispair she was a hoarder and nobody ever knew, because she would not allow anyone in her home she always had a excuse of why you couldn't come over. It took the rescue workers over 2 hours to get here out of the home due to the mess. Once she was taken to the hospital the rescue workers had to report the home as not being liveable therefore a social worker was assigned to the case and the next action was for them to condemn the home. My sister was able to stop this process explaining the family was going to totaly rehab the home. Now the family meant mainly me becasue I was the only one with the knowledge and strength to accomplish this in such a short period of time. The job started immediately and it was not pretty the home was infested with millions of cock roaches so everything you touched out ran the bugs. It took a crew of 8 guys and 2.5 days to remove all the stuff out of the home. Everything had to be disposed of due to infestation. Now the home was cleared out including every cabinet,appliance, counter tops, flooring, bathroom fixtures you name it it had to go; because bugs were either nested in it or behind it. Now that this was all done I was starting to get overwhelmed because I had a quick deadline. My aunt was going to be released from the hospital and needed a home to come back to. This is where George came into play my sister had asked him to come over and look at maybe cleaning the air ducts for us. Once he came into the home and saw how much work was needed he voluntered to help. Stating he would be donating most of the stuff. This was a true blessing in todays economy everyone in my family is hurting for money so my parents which are both retired were going to have to pay for everything. The best I could do was volunteer labor. After George said he was going to help the next thing we knew he had a crew of guys over there working 8 hour days putting the place together. Each time something was mentioned needing replaced before my father could go get it George was showing up with it on his truck. His crew didn't just throw things together either they took their time and did it just like they would for a paying customer. I know this story is running long so I will get to the end. If it were not for Gearoge my aunt would not of had a place to come home to once she was released from the hospital; Also if it were not for George I donot know how my parents would of gotten through the whole ordeal. The are both 70 years old and I was affraid the financial burden and stress was going to send one of them to the hospital. So I would like to publicaly thank George Manning for being a awsome person that has affected my family in the most positive way. He was a true blessing and I am getting teared up just typing this out. Mike N

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