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The Single Most Motivating Force in Writing that I Know Of
Posted: Oct-04-2011

Lauran Strait 2009 - Virginia Beach Virginia United States

Organized Group Thank You

When we first met in late 2006 I knew I had met someone special. Everywhere you go you attract a crowd. I can't tell if it's your sweet personality or your vast knowledge about writing. Actually it's both. You're always quick to dispense invaluable advice free of charge :)and with no hint of superiority. Your love of the craft comes across in your sincere desire to help each us. Thanks for being my friend, for your patience, support, kindness, encouraging words and your focus on a vision that is bigger than any of us. It's exciting to be a part of what you're doing - thanks for taking me along for the ride. Fondly, Sherrie P.

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