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Thanking Of You

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Your Generous Spirit and Heartfelt Words
Posted: Aug-28-2010

Emily Taitz - Great Neck New York United States


Dear Emily,
Jon and I received your memoir today. Jon left work early and found a quiet place away from home to read. Then he read, cried, reflected, and called me to talk about how much he appreciated the time and energy you had taken to write such eloquent, honest and insightful prose.

Oh, and he raved about your talent, too!

What a great gift you've given your entire family. It means the world to Jon to have these special insights to his mother's mind and heart, and told from the perspective of someone who loved her dearly and loves her sons as well. I believe that your words will begin to answer many of the questions he's always had, as well as many that continue to unfold. In the bit I've read already I see connections between Marian and our own children. (And Eve looks so much like her!) I feel like I understand Jon's great sense of loss (and maybe anxiety and sadness, as well) even better than I thought I had. That is a gift you've given to us as a couple--as a family--that you may or may not have intended. Either way, you acted on your intentions to bring more knowledge and understanding to those closest to you. That act took years, and emotion, and great energy, effort and commitment. Please know that your work is considered a treasure in our family.

From me to you, I'd like to thank you--as I've often thought to do--for your love, kindness, encouragement and hospitality over the years. I've always thought of you as the closest (thing?) to a mother-in-law, but I regret having never really reached out to you in that spirit. I guess I kept that feeling a "secret," figuring you had plenty of in-laws of your own and hardly needed to feel that level of obligation to another--or something stupid like that. Know that I respect, admire and love you for all that I know of you. And I so look forward to getting to know you better through your beautifully- and thoughtfully-written memoir.

Thank you, and all who helped you, for enabling a new level of understanding by sharing your life and your unique perspectives.

With love,
Nora, also on behalf of Jon, Aaron, Evan and Eve

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