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The best kind of friend
Posted: Apr-17-2009

Tammera Brownell Sweeney - Ft. Lauderdale Florida United States


Growing up in a small town so helped form who we are and what are the priorities in our lives. Both of us have traveled and now reside in big cities with our small town Greenwich, NY values. We were friends throughout our school years - sharing a paper route that paid us $16/month to share, going to Dr. Byrne the orthodontist together and stopping to buy candy at Perkins Grocery afterward, having exactly opposite parents except that they all had those same small town values. We drifted apart in those high school years each taking separate paths with not one path being any better than the other but yet it is amazing to me how we ended up in much the same place in our lives. Thank you so much for reaching out to me and rekindling our friendship when we lived in Florida not 30 miles from each other, but yet so far from home - from that familiar and comfortable environment that shaped who we are. I often think of the great loss I would feel in my life these last 18 years had you not picked up the phone to call me. Would I be the woman I am today if I didn't have your friendship - I truly don't think so. Your laughter and giggles have carried me through many lonely times - times when I felt like I was lost in a sea of neighbors with busy lives that made it difficult to reach out and find out who I truly was or maybe it was just that I was missing all those elements of home - Greenwich. I always find it amazing that you were experiencing the same thing...a loss of depth in your relationships with the people that surrounded you geografically. Thank you for being there with me (almost always via the phone) for all of those milestones in my life - birth of my children, marriage, dating, graduation from college but most importantly for being there all those times when I just wanted to chaton the phone and have a cup of coffee with my best friend. You are and were never afraid to tell me when I was screwing up, to tell me that I could do it(whatever that may be), to be worried about the kids, to tell me that you were proud of me and to always say that you loved me. I don't think you realize the true effect of hearing those words - because you truly loved me for me. You better than anyone knows that I don't hear "I'm proud of you" or "You are so special" from my family. Thank you for taking the time throughout all of these years to truly understand & appreciate who I am. I am such a better person for having you in my life and I truly would be lost without you. I hope that I have given and continue to give you the love, patience, belief, support and friendship that you have given me. Your smile, laughter, infinite patience, kind words and innate sense of knowing when something just isn't right makes you the best kind of friend. Thank you - always your BFF

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