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Keep Going
Posted: Jun-20-2010

Dayton Webber - Waldorf Maryland United States

Jan-2010 thru Apr-2010


If He Can achieve it, So Can You

Have you ever felt like you can’t do something? Everyone has. But if people who don’t have as much as you can do what you can’t achieve than we should honor them. My cousin, Dayton’s, arms and legs have been amputated because he had an infection when he was a baby. You would never guess what his daily life is like in Waldorf, Maryland. Yes, it is a challenge but everyone’s life is a challenge. And for what he does in life, I think you would take back all low self esteem comments you have commented to yourself. His basic schedule is just like yours. Eat breakfast, go to school, come back from school, play with normal kids, and just plain have fun. Some of the activities he does are amazing for what has happened to him. He plays football and wrestles. He swims, go karts, ice skates, motorcycles, 3 wheels, bowls, dives, and more exciting, adrenaline, blood pumping activities. If you have said that you can’t and will never be able to do any of the following activities or even anything else, just know that if Dayton or anyone else like him can do it, so can you. And be positive to yourself and believe that you can do anything.

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